IMPORTANT NOTICE: Inca’s Kitchen will be unveiling this new menu as of August 1st, 2012. Thank you for your business we look forward to serving you as our satisfied guests.

Inca’s Appetizers

Papa a la Huancaína.           $ 8.95

Creamy cheese sauce with Ají Amarillo, Peruvian peppers, potatoes, hardboiled eggs and black olives.

Yucca a la Huancaína,           $ 8.95

Creamy cheese sauce with Ají Amarillo, Peruvian peppers, Yucca

and cilantro mignonette.

Lomo a la Huancaína.           $ 11.95

Beef Loin on a creamy cheese sauce with Ají Amarillo and Peruvian

salsa criolla.

Causa Trio: Chicken, Pulpo al Olivo, Pescado Encebollado      $14.90

Portions of mashed potato with Ají Amarillo, stuffed with chicken marinated in cream sauce. Purple potato stuffed with octopus

covered in olive cream sauce and yellow potato stuffed with Golden Fried fish delicately simmered in fish juice with onions, tomatoes

& Ají Amarillo. (Available  Fri, Sat. & Sun. only).

Tamalito Verde         $ 10.95

Green Tamale, delicately mashed corn with cilantro and Peruvian

spices, salsa criolla sparkled with cilantro beef sauce.

Chicharrón de Calamar           $ 11.95 

Fried Calamari (Peruvian style) with salsa criolla and aioli gold


Chicharron de Pescado.           $ 11.75

Fried White Fish

Served with Peruvian salsa criolla, cilantro mignonette and lime


Soups and Salads



Ensalada Especial.           $ 8.50

Special  Salad

Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, tangerines and red vinegar.


Inca Maya Soup.           $ 8.75

A fusion of ingredients of our legendary cuisine, tomatoes, onions,

Ají Amarillo, cilantro & Mayan Chorizo.


Chupe de Choros Inca Style.           $10.95

Inca’s Mussel Peruvian bouillabaisse, delicate broth with Ají Verde

and Ají Amarillo, linguini pasta and Mussels served with garlic toast.

Peruvian Ceviche and Tiradito


Pulpo al Olivo.         $ 13.95

Tender octopus on a bath of creamy olive sauce with cubes of

golden fried potato Ají Amarillo aioli, Peruvian corn and avocado.

(Available Sat & Sun only)


Paracas Mussel Shooters.           $ 8.95

Fresh mussels with onions, Peruvian rocoto peppers, lime juice,

cilantro and Peruvian corn served in 4 shot glasses.


Wahoo Ceviche.         $ 15.95

The most exquisite fish ceviche delicately marinated with lime

juice, Ají limo, Peruvian corn and accompanied by a shot glass of

his own tiger milk.


Ceviche de Pescado.         $ 13.95

(Fish Ceviche)

Fresh white fish marinated in citrus lime juice, Ají limo, onions, salt

and pepper (can be made with Corvine when in season, add $2.25).


Ceviche Mixto.           $ 14.95

(Mixed Ceviche)

Shrimp, Fish and Squid served with citrus lime juice, Ají limo, onions,

salt and pepper.


Ceviche de Pescado con Ají Amarillo sauce.         $ 13.95

Fresh white fish ceviche in citrus aji Amarillo (Peruvian yellow



Ceviche mixto en rocoto apiscado.         $ 15.95

Mixed ceviche with Calamari, Octopus, Shrimp and Fish served

with citrus lime Rocoto pepper blended with drops of the most

aromatic Pisco (Peruvian brandy).


Tiradito Nikkei.         $ 15.95

Asian fusion Peruvian style sashimi, bathed in soy citrus sauce,

sesame, and limo Peruvian pepper. this delicious fusion dish is

served with Peruvian corn and avocado. (White Tuna when available)


Mango Tiradito with cilantro sauce.         $ 14.95

An Inca’s inspiration from the exotic mango citrus emulsion

mixed with smooth cilantro sauce and limo pepper, served with caramelized mini carrots and Peruvian corn.


Inca’s Duo Tiradito.         $ 13.95

The Peruvian version of sashimi, bathed in Ají Amarillo sauce

and rocoto  sauce, fresh corn and sweet potato on caramel



Conchitas a la Parmesana           $ 11.95

Scallops on the shell infused with lime juice and covered on parmesan cheese.


Choros y Conchas a la Chalaca.         $ 13.95

Mussels and Scallops in between Ceviche and a delicatessen version

of fresh salsa made with mini chopped red onions and mixed with

chopped tomatoes and cilantro, bathed in Rocoto sauce (6 units per order).


Ensalada de Pulpo al Rafael.         $ 13.95

A creation inspired in today’s culinary trend of Peruvian influences, utilizing fresh and originals ingredients such as Peruvian Limo pepper, tender octopus, red onions and touch of cilantro mignonette,

marinated in lime juice and olive oil.





Platters – Tapas – Piqueo


Build your own platter with your choice of Fish Ceviche, Mixed Ceviche (Calamari, Shrimp, Octopus), Wahoo ceviche (only when available), Tiradito with Ají Amarillo and  Rocoto sauce, Lomo Huancaína, Potato Huancaína, Yucca Huancaína, Pulpo Olivo or Green tamales.


The Dúo (Choice of 2).         $ 18.95


The Trío (Choice of 3).         $ 26.95


The Complete (Choice of 4).         $ 36.98





Inca’s Specialties


Lomo Saltado.           $14.95

Beef Loin Sauté     

Premium beef loin, onions, tomatoes, yellow peppers sautéed with cilantro flambé and soy sauce. Served with white rice and fried



Pollo Saltado.         $ 13.95

Chicken Sauté

White Chicken meat, onions, tomatoes, yellow peppers sautéed

with cilantro flambé and soy sauce. Served with white rice

and fried potatoes.


Saltado de Mariscos.         $ 16.95

Seafood Sauté

Shrimp, Calamari, Fish, Scallops, Mussels, onions, tomatoes, and

yellow peppers sautéed with cilantro flambé and soy sauce. Served

with white rice and fried potatoes.


Seco de Res con Frijoles.         $ 13.95

Cilantro Beef Stew with White Beans

Traditional Peruvian beef stew, cilantro, green peas & carrots

served with white beans .



Tallarín Verde con Churrasco de Carne.           $ 14.95

Peruvian Pesto Pasta with Churrasco Steak.

Peruvian style pesto basil sauce, parmesan cheese and Huamanga chimichurri sauce.


Inca Jambalaya.               $ 18.95

A terrific fusion of linguini pasta in a rocoto cream sauce, garlic & parmesan cheese, blended with the fruits of the sea: shrimp,

scallops, mussels, fish, calamari and chicken & sausage.


Tacu Tacu con Filete Imperial.         $ 17.95

Inca’s Imperial Grilled Steak

½ lb. New York steak with flat fried mixed rice & beans served with plantains, an egg over easy and salsa criolla.


Hamburgesa del Inca.         $ 13.95

Inca’s Burger

½ Pound of Angus beef burger, Huancaína sauce, fresh white cheese,

egg and salsa criolla with cilantro mignonette. Available with

American Cheese


Lomo de Puerco al Inca.         $ 18.95

Inca’s Pork Loin

Marinated pork loin, cooked as you wish, in Florida orange reduction, served with mashed sweet Potatoes, ají amarillo and salsa criolla.

(please allow 25 minutes to cook)


Puerco al Mandarin.           $19.35

Medallions of pork tenderloin medium temperature with Chinese vegetables sauté on a bed of pepian de choclo Peruvian mashed corn

on a sweet and sour sauce.


Lomo on Panca Reduction.         $ 23.95

12 0z tenderloin sealed in Huamanga chimichurri sauce, cooked

as you wish, in Panca Merlot reduction with a mixtureof herbs,

purple potato and corn with vegetables.


Ají de Gallina.         $ 13.95

Shredded Peppered Chicken   

Shredded Chicken with creamy Gold-Yellow pepper, golden

potatoes, Huacachina black olives, hardboiled eggs & pecans.


Arroz Chaufa de Pollo.         $ 13.95

Chicken Fried Rice

Peruvian fried rice with chicken, green Chinese onion, scrambled

eggs and sweet yellow-red peppers (you can add your choice of Beef

or Seafood or both)

Add Beef only.             $  1.95

Add Seafood only.             $ 2.95

Mixed Arroz Chaufa (Beef, Chicken & Seafood).             $ 17.95




From the Sea……..200 miles!

Golden Jalea.           $ 17.95

South American Fish and Chips

White fish, golden fried shrimp, crispy calamari, Inca aioli sauce,

crispy yucca logs with side of yellow pepper and salsa criolla.


Chupe de Camarones.           $ 14.95

Inca’s Prawns Stew

Peruvian style shrimp & fish bouillabaisse, rice, potatoes, eggs,

Peruvian corn, green peas and Prawns.


Arroz Frutos del Mar.         $ 17.95

Peruvian Seafood Rice

Saffron Rice cooked with calamari, scallops, shrimps and yellow-red peppers with a touch of cilantro mignonette.


Pescado Inca’s Wari.         $ 16.95

Inca’s Wari Fish 

Grilled fish on challhua reduction, spinach sauté, grilled asparagus, white rice and golden Inca potato.


Pescado Sudado con Tacu Tacu de Haba Verde.           $18.95

Simmered Fish w/ Green Tacu Tacu

A juice fish simmered on his own juice blended w/ red onions, roma

tomatoes, ají Amarillo on a smoky green Tacu Tacu (limabean and rice), plantains and golden yucca.


Tacu Tacu  Relleno con Mariscos.           $ 17.95

Seafood  Tacu Tacu.

Beans and rice sautéed with all over seafood salsa, ají amarillo, and golden fried potato on mango sour salsa.


Parihuela.         $ 16.95

Concentrated Seafood Bouillabaisse included scallops, mussels,

fish, calamari, shrimp, Crab (when in season) served with diced lemon.



Special Parihuela         $ 23.95

A whole Moro Crab (Peruvian purple crab) concentrated Seafood Bouillabaisse w/ají  panca, garlic and red onion base, includes

scallops, mussels, fish, calamari, shrimp and served with diced lemon.


Pescado a lo Macho.         $ 18.95

Inca’s most flavored dish, white fish seared with white corn starch

and grilled, served with all over seafood, ají amarillo, rice, golden

fried potato and splash of mango salsa.


ají Tarwi Fish.           $19.95

Inca’s delicately grilled fish with garlic, egg plant ají Amarillo

sofritto, roasted pepper on a challhua reduction with purple

mashed potatoes & spinach, Peruvian corn and asparagus sauté

For Our Children


Salchipapa.           $ 8.75

Chopped Hot dog and Golden fried potatoes


Pollipapa.           $ 8.75

Crispy Chicken and Golden fried potatoes


Kid Burger with Golden crispy fries.           $ 8.75


Inca styled pasta with Cheese Sauce.           $ 8.25

(Add your choice of Hot Dog, Steak, Fish or Chicken for $2.00)


Pesto Fettuccini           $ 8.95

(Add your choice of Hot Dog, Steak, Fish or Chicken for $2.00)


Tacu Tacu Fabrizio.           $ 8.95

Smoky beans mixed with rice, fried egg on top and fried


(Add your choice of Hot Dog, Steak, Fish or Chicken for $2.00)





Our Mystery Sweet Corner

Alfajor con Dulce de Leche y Helado de Lúcuma                   $ 6.75

Traditional Peruvian Cookie & Lúcuma Ice cream

Jumbo premium corn starch cookie stacked with a layer of dulce

de leche dipped in powdered sugar, served with a side of Lúcuma Ice



Individual Alfajor.           $ 3.95


Selva Negra. $ 6.15

Black Forrest Chocolate Cake

Comes with layers of dulce de leche, whipped cream & strawberry



Picarones.           $ 6.75

Traditional Peruvian buñuelos with chancaca syrup, anis and



Soufflé de Chantilly. $ 6.15

Cake moist with peach juice, layers of dulce de leche & whipped



Suspiro a la Limeña.           $ 5.95

Dulce de leche topped with Italian meringue.


Crema Volteada           $ 5.75

Peruvian Vanilla Custard


Creación del Inca.           $ 8.95

Inca’s Creation

A base of traditional Peruvian Buñuelo with chancaca, Pisco reduction, vanilla or chirimoya ice cream, mango & strawberry sauce




Golden Beverages


Wines available by the glass and bottle. Please ask to see our wine list for selection and prices.


Glass.           $ 5.50

Pitcher.           $19.95

Imported Beers:           $ 4.95

Cuzquena, Crystal, Pilsen & Franca

Amstel Light, Bass, Corona, Corona Light, Heineken,

Hoegaarden, Stella Artois.

Domestic Beers:           $ 3.95

Blue Moon, Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors light,

Michelob Ultra, O’Douls.

Soft Drinks:

Inca Kola, Diet Inca Kola, Kola Inglesa.           $ 2.50

Chicha Morada.           $ 2.50

Chicha Morada (1 Lt)           $ 8.95

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist.           $ 2.25

Bottled Water.           $ 2.00

Perrier.           $ 2.50

Bottled Iced Tea (Peruvian).           $ 2.95

Hot Tea.           $ 2.50

Regular Coffee.           $ 2.50

Cappuccino.           $ 3.50

Espresso.           $ 3.15

Cortadito.           $ 3.25

Vegetarian Choices from The Andes

Veggie Tacu tacu.           $15.95

Smoky beans and rice sautéed with grilled vegetables: egg plant,

peppers, asparagus, spinach, ají amarillo and fried potato with salsa criolla.

Chaufa Incasuyo.           $14.95

A Peruvian unique grain, our Quinoa is cooked to perfection mixing different influences of Peruvian & Asian flavors with portobello mushroom, scallions, peppers, asparagus, egg plant and eggs,

sautéed with soy sauce.

Pisac Veggie Tower.           $16.95

A fusion dish on veggie cream reduction, ají Amarillo with grilled portabello mushroom, onions, egg plant and tomato marinated in

our unique spicy herb blend


 Side Orders

Fries.           $ 4.25

White Rice.           $ 3.75

Yucca.           $ 3.75

Plantains.           $ 3.95

Beans.           $ 3.75

Fried Eggs (2).           $ 4.25

Salsa Criolla.           $ 3.95

Salsa Huancaína.           $ 4.25

Any other Salsa.           $ 4.25

**The Department of Public Health advises that eating raw or undercooked meat (“rare”) poses health risks to everyone**

INCA’S Kitchen

Fine Peruvian Cuisine

“Where the Empire of flavors fusions with the secrets and mysteries of our legendary cuisine and a contemporary touch”

“Donde los sabores imperiales se fusionan con los secretos y misterios de nuestra cocina y finos toques contemporaneos”.

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Phone-&-Fax: 239 352-3200

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